"Death & Taxes": The Prototypical Psychological Manipulation Meme That Directly & Indirectly Paved the Way for "Trust the Science”
On the left is Klaus Schwab. On the right is his Hitler confidant, industrialist and fascist father Eugen Schwab: Klaus happened to have been born in…
Several subscribers have rightly pointed out that the poll referenced in the post 86% of Twitter Users Know More About Public Health than Health Canada…
Dr. Yeadon makes all of the right connections now.
by RHODA WILSON Yesterday, Health Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada (“PHAC”) opened a survey on Twitter asking: “True or False: Vaccination…
Demonizing the gas of life with social credit score taxes and decarbonization schemes which are carbon based life form depopulation schemes
It's a small club, and you won't survive it.
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